How SEO & Internet Marketing is Like Marriage

How can I come up with such a ridiculous statement? Well, think about it; think about the commitment you must make; think about the ‘term’ you’re committing for; think about the ongoing costs and – most importantly – what you will lose if, one day, you decide you’ve had enough!

Internet Marketing is Like Marriage

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  1. well said martin, hahaha

  2. Hi Frank. Thanks for your comment. I'm pleased that you, as a search engine optimiser, found it interesting. But you, in your line of work, appreciates and, I'm sure, is constantly explaining to your clients that you don't 'give up' SEO and try something else.
    Once you get the rankings for your clients, the hard work is just beginning – you have to keep up with the work (even though the work can become more difficult as you have your client's competitors hovering over and trying to work out what you're doing to get and keep the high rankings), which makes the job even more challenging. Always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition.