Why Many Affiliate Links Are Redundant

When I chose some software this morning I noticed I had just cost somebody their affiliate commission.

I came across my chosen software (it was a domain management tool for my Mac) I clicked on an affiliate link but when I got to the developer’s website I saw that the software could be purchased through the Mac App store (which has recently become my preferred way of purchasing software).

So, having read about the software and clicked on an affiliate link I then made the decision to close my browser and go to the Mac app store to purchase the software. A few minutes later I realised I had just cost somebody a few dollars of affiliate commission.

Oops. Sorry dude.

It made me wonder how many millions of affiliate links are now redundant because more and more software can be purchased directly from the app store, thus, eliminating any tracking and, subsequently, commission for the person who’s link was followed (that led to the sale).

Certainly something to think about if you run a website that relies on affiliate commission as your main revenue stream.