Every Business Has a Bad Day

Business is not and never will be 100% plain sailing; anyone who told you otherwise is full of crap. Oh, you read it in a book did you? Ah ha. Okay – put down the ‘Easy Steps To Starting And Running A Successful Business‘ and join the real world…

Business is not now and never will be 100% plain sailing!

Some days you simply can’t seem to put a foot wrong but, occasionally, the poop hits the fan – its what you do about it that defines what sort of business, and business person, you are.

We all want praise and dread the onslaught from an unhappy customer and the potential backlash in the social channels, but, no matter how much we strive for perfection, we drop the ball – occasionally.

The difference between businesses though, is some have mastered the art of the cover-up and some have the balls to admit to their mistakes. True colours are shown by the company that accepts the occasional cock-up and demonstrates, often openly and publicly, how ‘it’ has put their house in order and become better.

Recently I started paying attention to some highly rated iPad apps and the feedback comments on iTunes. It turns out there are many developers who are more than happy to allow negative feedback to be published – so they can follow-up with revisions, updates and corrective improvements.

However, many don’t have the balls…

Having posted numerous comments, most not very complimentary, I started to notice that certain developers (who ultimately control what is published – or not) prefer to ignore negative comments, as well as ignore the customer altogether.

After sending a 2 page list of improvement suggestions to one developer who had made a lame attempt at a music app, I thought the least I would get is an email saying ‘thanks’ but, surprise surprise, I heard nothing.

He had my cash, my feedback, my suggestions and knowledge that I thought his app was, at this time, crap, but completely ignored me. He kept my cash, and his silence.

Positive feedback might feed your ego but its the negative feedback that helps you grow, encourages you to get better, points out areas in need of improvement, gives you the opportunity to prove your commitment to your customer.

Do you throw negative feedback in the trash or do you use it to improve your business?