Scams and Trickery Everywhere

Everywhere we turn we find a trick, a fake website or a complete and utter scam. They are everywhere.

Limited Liability does not mean Limited Responsibility

In business 2012 stylee, being responsible to the customer has taken a back seat.

PodCast Takes a Back Seat

For the next few months my audio recordings will be few and far between as client projects and other work commitments take the front seat.

How To Be Heard on Twitter & Facebook

[Includes video option] Tired of your message (Tweets & Updates) falling on deaf ears? Frustrated because all your ‘followers’ and ‘fans’ seem to completely ignore you?

PodCasting on Facebook – Well… Sort of

If you want to know if something can be done – tell a stubborn old sod like me that it can’t be done and wait a day or two. That is pretty much what happened the other day when I was told “no way could you have your podcast on Facebook”…

Being The Best At What You Do

Whatever it is you do, you are no doubt not going to be the only person or business doing it – but what will help you to stand out from the crowd is being the best. Someone has to be the best – why not you?

Facebook or Twitter – Which Do You Prefer

When I got an email asking me which I prefer between Facebook or Twitter, I hardly needed many seconds to decide. My personal preference, even though I use both because they each server different purposes

How SEO & Internet Marketing is Like Marriage

How can I come up with such a ridiculous statement? Well, think about it; think about the commitment you must make; think about the ‘term’ you’re committing for; think about the ongoing costs and – most importantly

Do You Want More Fans, Followers and Subscribers?

How To Really Get Fans, Followers and Subscribers! I must see that heading a dozen times a day and I cringe every time I see it. Do you?

Focus On Your Content More Than Style

Sometimes (or should I say ‘often’) we find ourselves tweaking and playing about with parts of our website or blog that really don’t need it.