Google Glasses – Supplied With Aspirin?

Remember the first views of a Virtual Reality cocoon like gadget that isolated a user in their own little sci-fi world? Remember the first time you saw some cool dude with a bluetooth headset that he couldn’t resist constantly touching to make sure we all saw it? Remember what your thoughts were when Nintendo announced […]

Cheap Does Not Justify Crap

With every man and his dog becoming ‘app’ developers for one platform or another, each with their own interpretation of how something can be done on an iPhone, iPad or other device; and the “there’s an app for that” being the in saying, isn’t it somewhat frustrating when you buy a relatively cheap app that […]

Office HD on iPAD – Compatibility Issues [FIXED]

When I bought my iPAD recently, one of the big selling points was that I could get Microsoft (it is not made by Microsoft folks) Office for a fiver (£5) which meant I could carry on using the same Word Processor I’ve been using for donkeys years – and which I’m comfortable using. I could […]

Ok Apple, Where’s The Magic?

As part of my ‘office and desk reorganising’ I treated myself to the gorgeous Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Apple ‘Magic’ Mouse. I had moist palms overnight awaiting the delivery from my favourite ‘e’ tailer (yep, Amazon – I must buy some shares). Here’s what I was after achieving – laptops pushed away from me […]

The Worst Product I EVER Bought – Review

This is a review I just wrote at Amazon (yep – my favourite etailer)… First of all, let me just say that I think this product is absolute pants so you’ll not be surprised that I won’t be praising it at all. There, that was for anyone who can’t be bothered to read the whole […]

How Steve Garfield Sold Me A Microphone

I don’t know if Steve Garfield (video blogger and author of ‘Get Seen‘ Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business) can sing and dance but I guess not ‘cos he makes no song and dance over instructional videos. Here’s a couple of clear winners for me that will show anyone thinking of creating a ‘review’ […]