Offer A Hand of Friendship

Throughout last night I was exchanging messages with my cousin who, with her husband, had been visiting a poorly old man who has been blessed with their friendship and kindness during the later years of his life. It puts things into perspective when you watch a life coming to an end, makes us appreciate what […]

Are Your Apps Obsolete?

You buy the latest gadget and load it up with apps that do everything from take notes, look after your schedule, then an update makes the app no longer compatible with your ‘old’ device.

This Shit Has Got To Change

Did I just say ‘shit’..? Oops. Well, sorry, but, on this occasion I couldn’t think of a better word. FB rewrite the rule book constantly and the ‘free’ marketing platform is actually a lot of work – especially for small businesses – trying to keep up. No wonder Facebook has spawned an industry of ‘experts’ – […]

A ‘Hat Tip’ Goes A Long Way

For some people the main aim is to come across as the expert (the ‘guru’) at the cost of anyone else. The thought is not about where those experts got there expertise or from who. But, being honest, we all got (and continue to get) our valuable knowledge from others in our chosen field and […]

Is Privatisation Right for Britain?

Budget week is here again and the speculation is running rife… Just as I feared; A few days ago we were discussing the future of Britain and I predicted privatisation across the board and, sure enough, headlines today indicate Osbourne is, in fact, planning further privatisation. Worried? I am. Privatisation hasn’t worked and won’t work […]

Pretentious People Do Not ‘ROCK’!

When something stresses you out it’s a good idea to stop using it or doing it, right? That’s how I feel about Facebook very often; it’s also how I regularly feel about Twitter and most social networking platforms where people are not real – not being themselves – being pretentious and full of shit! I […]

Does Your Product Need a Forum?

Having the unfortunate task today of making use of some new ‘apps’ in order to complete a project, I found I spent more time looking up “how to” answers than I spent actually being productive. It made me wonder… Where would we be without all the support wikis and forums and ticket systems? Further more… […]