Are You Missing Your Facebook ‘Fans’

I know I already sang the praises of the ‘Universal “Like” Button‘ and I stick to that but when Facebook originally unveiled the latest changes I, like many, was asked the inevitable “what d’ya think” by loads of people. Okay maybe not ‘loads’ – my wife asked me.

At first I said I “Like” it… That was, however, a teeny weeny bit premature because, having second thoughts, and also observed at the “Like” button on many “Fan” Pages – I don’t “Like” it much really – well – it’s just not the right word for all ‘Fan’ pages…

No longer will we ask people to take a look at our ‘Fan Page. We don’t have one. We’ll have to ask folks to visit our – ehm – Like page. No longer will we invite our customers, friends and family to become ‘Fans’ – the best we can do is ask them to ‘Like’ us.

“Like” just seems to lack any, ehm, oomph! Pow! Love!

It’s just – well – “Like”. I like tea but I hardly ever drink it. I like chocolate biccies but only indulge once or twice a year. I like a good movie but haven’t sat with my butt still long enough to watch one since before Christmas.

Like! Ehm – nope. Not doing it for me. You see…

I’m a “Fan” of Pink Floyd and I’ll listen to the mighty Floyd once or twice every month. I’m a “Fan” of Leeds United (okay go on then roll on the floor laughing) and won’t ever miss a match – no matter what! That’s what things mean to me when I become a “Fan”… I really really like things when I’m a “Fan” but – if I only “Like” something – well – I “like” a bit of rain but I’d be pretty fed up if it rained every day.

Like is watered down Love

As the Blackberry ads on TV say – “Like is watered down Love” and I suppose that’s what I’m thinking now when I see what was a Facebook “Fan” Page – it’s watered down. Another big thing is – and this is what matters to many businesses who have a ‘Fan’ page…

We no longer have “Fan Pages”… We now have a “Like Page” – now who is going to shout about that on their website or blog (“come and visit our new and amazing ‘LIKE‘ page on Facebook… and while you’re there, ‘Like us‘ please” Wow what an amazing banner that will make)? So it’s not just what it says on the button – it’s a whole “re-branding” of the way we talk about our “business page”, how we invite people to it, how we ask people to connect.

Oh please like me – please… I promise to be nice and kind

Notice how all those words are – well – passive. Not really leaping around with joy are they?

Nope. The more I look at it, think about it and see it in black and white – it lacks any oomph. It’s watered down. I like my wife’s cooking but it ain’t gonna win any Michelin stars. Do ya know what I mean.

It’s also prompted a whole ‘re-branding’ for anyone promoting products and services related to (and largely named after) Facebook Fan Pages. I’m just now looking at the Facebook Page “Promote My Fan Page” well surely they will be re-branding over the next few days… along with hundreds of thousands of others.

Anyone need their custom fan pages reworked to include your new ‘Like’ me button?

It’s only a word… But we’ve lost our Fans.