Join Your Facebook Conversation

I enjoy using Facebook most of the time. I’ve met some really interesting people through Facebook. But there are some people who have a really bad habit. I’m sure you’re not one of them!

I’m talking about those people who start conversations but don’t engage in the follow-up comments.

If you’re going to start a conversation, don’t be like a celebrity and leave everybody else to have the conversation amongst themselves; participate.

Facebook is about engagement. It’s not a monologue. It’s not somewhere to ask a question and then walk away from the discussion.

The business pages that I have seen succeed over the years are the ones where engagement is two-way.

Whereas the business pages that look extremely boring and uninviting are the ones where the business page admin clearly does not monitor follow-up comments and, therefore, leaves a trail of one-way conversations or conversations being had between the “fans” of the page with virtually no input from the page admin.

I’m sure you’ve seen a page or two like this and, just like myself, you probably walked away without “liking” or contributing any comments on that page.