Most People Do Not Use Facebook

The fact you are reading this you are, in all likelihood, like me, but not like most people.

You and I use the web a lot.

You and I are the kind of people who read blogs regularly and, in all probability, find the latest posts via links we find on one social platform or another service; Twitter, Google News Alerts; RSS feeds and, inevitably, Facebook.

Most of us who stare at one screen or another most of the day are not like most people.

Most people work in jobs where they are not at a desk. Most people work jobs that keep them completely oblivious to “internet marketing” activity like news feeds, tickers, timelines, alerts, RSS feeds and newsletter subscriptions.

Most people are more like my wife and my mother who log into Facebook to have a quick gander at the recent gossip (nosey buggers they are) and to find out what friends and family have been up to lately.

Isn’t that, after-all, what Facebook is for?

Most people have jobs on building sites and farms, in corner shops, supermarkets, factories, distribution centres, call centres, car showrooms, fashion outlets, bakeries, etc.,

Millions and millions of people spend their days behind the wheel of a white van, a haulage truck, a train, a taxi, a bus, etc.,

Don’t forget all the staff in pubs, restaurants, cafes, hair salons, beauty parlours, barbers (do they still exist?) and think about teachers, doctors, nurses… people who (typically) do not spend all day waiting the beeps and squeals of “you’ve got mail”.

While I am a huge (but cautious) fan of Facebook (well, some of it – my opinion has varied over the years) and see the potential (of some of it), I would be being dishonest with my clients of I didn’t encourage them to think about ‘most people’ when planning and implementing their marketing.

Not everyone uses Facebook all day – or even very regularly at all.

Facebook is storming ahead to a claimed 800 million ‘users’ but, although millions of those Facebook users do log in at least once a day and many stay logged in almost permanently…

…most people do not use Facebook.

Most people don’t use twitter

Most people don’t subscribe to newsletters and RSS feeds

Most people are far too busy to be watching YouTube videos or reading blog posts

Most people do not have a Google account and don’t Google themselves on a weekly basis

Most people do not check their email dozens of times a day

Most people have a life outside of the Internet

…most people do not use Facebook.

When planning and executing your Internet marketing strategy, think about

  • the successful company owner and his 
  • busy popular family
  • the doctor
  • the practice manager
  • the surgeon
  • the car salesman
  • the hair dresser
  • the cleaner
  • the dentist
  • the air hostess (or whatever they are known as these days)
  • the school teacher
  • the photographer
  • the musician
  • the DJ
  • the engineer
  • the gardner
  • the plumber
  • the brick-layer
  • the mechanic
  • the butcher
  • the farmer
  • the truck driver
  • the white van man
  • the taxi driver
  • the pub landlord
  • the shop owner
  • the factory manager
  • the window cleaner

and all the other trades that are NOT interested in watching Facebook all day and simply do not have the means or the time to do so.

When planning and executing your Internet marketing strategy, please remember

…most people do not use Facebook.