I Never Took an Apple to Bed – Until Now

When I got my MacBook Pro I thought it was the bees knees and that has not changed, I love it – I really don’t mind that I’m a slave to the mighty Apple. But, no matter how much I love my Mac I never took her, I mean it, of course, to bed.

I guess, in a way, taking any kind of laptop to bed to read a PDF or a couple of blogs would be like lugging a volume of an encyclopaedia to bed to read about who invented the pogo stick – a bit overkill.

I’m often in close proximity to my mobile phone, a good book and a notepad and pen where ever I go – including bed. I’d definitely feel somewhat vulnerable – naked even – without the means to jot down any crazy idea that popped into my head at silly o’clock.

But a laptop, a MacBook? Never. What if I fell asleep with it and it fell on the floor, what about the glare and that hum you get from all devices – hardly audible from a Mac but its there – and really, do I really want a gadget in bed with us?

Well, yes. Yes I do. And I found the perfect night time companion. Not just a night time companion – the perfect companion for everywhere. The newest Apple in my life our lives. It’s like a new puppy – everyone wants to play with it.

Apple iPad - First Impressions

Meet my new iPad. Adopted less than 24 hours ago this beauty slots right into my ‘always on – always thinking’ lifestyle. I’ve read blogs, I made a few notes, and the book I was reading got demoted to the floor giving our new adoptee prime position on the bedside table.

Not all adoptions go smoothly but I think this one is going to be a total success… Even my wife likes having a play. You should have seen her smile during the ten o’clock news – flicking left, right, up and down like an absolute pro until, inevitably, she was tired and I got to play with it myself for a while.

What is also cool is that when I sat at my desk this morning, a little tired about last nights lengthy play-time, I was amazed that my MacBook Pro was still talking to me – we are as tight as ever and, it seems, there is no risk of my man-parts being removed because I took it’s cousin to bed.


  1. MelissaDB says

    Love this blog, you've given me a whole new perspective. I was never in love with technology – just saw it as a means to an end. But having now become an apple-yte to the mighty round rosy brand, I think it must be love! Better late than never. I understand your passion Martin. An Apple a day makes my work seem like play. Tho' I confess I haven't taken it to bed yet. Never had the desire with my iPhone or MacBook, but my virginal iPad … now that's another story.