Ok Apple, Where’s The Magic?

As part of my ‘office and desk reorganising’ I treated myself to the gorgeous Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Apple ‘Magic’ Mouse. I had moist palms overnight awaiting the delivery from my favourite ‘e’ tailer (yep, Amazon – I must buy some shares).

Here’s what I was after achieving – laptops pushed away from me a little and making some desk space available and to be able to work – I guess – ‘ergonomically’ (a big word for a Saturday, I know).

Apple Magic Mouse - Where is the Magic

As you can see from this photo (obviously taken after receiving the new Apple Mouse and Keyboard), my MacBook Pro and PC laptop are now sat away from my face, screens are at ‘eye level’ so I no longer tilt my eyes (and head) down when looking at them and then back up to natural height when viewing the big screen, and I’m able to type (on my Mac at least) in a natural position again with the keyboard at a natural position on my desk. Lovely.

Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse – Delivered!

With Amazon we know we can always rely on the knock at the door in the time frame as set by ‘express delivery’ and sure enough, the morning after placing my order, a prompt knock knock made my palms dribble in excitement… Up to now all I’d been able to do was drool over photos of the sleek and (rather sexy) lump of aluminum carefully crafted by Apple (if it’s not real aluminum it sure looks like it and feels like it).

When they arrived my drooling was justified. I was blown away by the truly gorgeousness (I know, I made that word up) of the Apple Wireless (bluetooth) Keyboard. Pricey, as far as keyboards go, but oh so pretty, oh so pretty yeah! Plug it in, configure it – 2 minutes later – ba da bing… Cooking on gas, baby!

Let’s Reveal The Magic in the Apple Magic Mouse

Okey dokey – moving on to the Apple ‘Magic’ Mouse. Out of the very well crafted packaging pops what looks like a very lady-like bar of soap. It would not look out of place in even the most glamorous lady’s bathroom.

Hmmm… I’m a little less excited now. It looks ‘awkward’. I’m not sure how I hold it. Do I hold it? Should I stroke it – wait for it to purr and maybe if I rub it gently it will ooze soft and perfumed bubbles and moisten my tender skin.

It has a delicate and, I guess, feminine feel and look. Does this ‘fit’ on a bloke’s desk? It’s hardly ‘mousey’ at all. Sat next to my older Logitech or even my not so old Microsoft wireless rodent it looks quite out of place. Maybe Macs and PCs should never meet – PCs do get very envious, you know (listen carefully to a PC sat close to a Mac, you may hear a faint, pathetic, whisper “why can’t I do that?“)

Oh – what the heck. It’s fire it up and acquaint it with my MacBook Pro.

That was easy. Nothing like the simplicity of using anything ‘Apple’ – albeit ‘high maintenance’. We’re connected and we’re off and…

Oh. Oh. Hmm. Er? What? Where’s the elusive ‘Magic’. Check the box. Yep, it states ‘Magic Mouse’. Er? Yo – Apple, Where’s The Magic?

It’s a mouse. I know, I know. The keyboard is a keyboard and a mouse is a mouse. But the keyboard is what it says on the box, a wireless keyboard. The mouse, on the other had, calls itself a ‘Magic’ Mouse. But where’s the ‘magic’?

Magic Mouse – Sans De Magique

It’s a mouse. A mouse is what it is. Quite an awkward one at that, really.

This is going to take me a few days to get used to and I may find some magic, eventually. But, right now – after going through all the settings (several times) – I’m seeing nothing ‘Magic’ about it. It does what a mouse would do. It does what the ‘Magic’ mouse pad of a MacBook Pro does – but that – as far as I can see – is about it.

Clever? Yes. How Apple do some of the things they do is very clever.

Sexy? Oh, yeah!

Cool? I suppose. But ‘cool’ does not always mean ‘productive’ or easy to use.

Easy to use? Er? What? Give me a few days and I’ll get back to ya with that one.

But, Apple – Where’s The Magic?