Still Waiting for iCloud Documents Sync?

Lame. That is what I would call it. Almost 2 years now the iPad has been earning Apple an absolute fortune and yet still we are unable to synchronise a document between it and the desktop Mac or a MacBook Pro.

There are countless apps and, in fact, methods to synchronise all kinds of other document formats, spreadsheets and presentation files but while Apple sales ahead with the gadget sales and, subsequently, revenue, they seem to be forgetting one key important thing; making it easy for people to use the darn things.

Part of that making it easier is making it more streamlined. Enabling simple things to be able to be done. I mean, having a file that remains up-to-date regardless which device it was last edited on, make sense. Especially since Apple have been chanting about iCloud so much.

Still Waiting for iCloud Documents Sync?

We were promised, or at least that’s the way the read to me, document synchronisation between devices. But, in reality, that only applies to mobile devices not a Mac computer.

So where is the logic in that?

We can synchronise photos. Synchronise contacts. We can synchronise calendars and e-mails, bookmarks and notes. But we can’t synchronise the one thing that, for many people, matters most; are actual work!

Based on the assumptions that iCloud would enable me to synchronise files, I’ve purchased the latest versions of Apple software on my Mac and on the iPad but it was all pointless. If I can’t synchronise them, its of no use to me.

I might as well stick with Microsoft office files. At least I can synchronise those without having to log onto a website (as with iCloud) and download the files to my computer. Using Microsoft office files there are several ways using apps that I can keep my documents, spreadsheets and presentations files synchronised.

After following a thread on Apple’s discussion forum since October 2011, it seems many people are frustrated by this issue and nobody has found a completely working solution. Due, largely, because Apple’s 2 ‘versions’ of iWork apps (the Mac version and the iOS version) are 2 completely different animals.

Should that really be the end users’ problem?

What is the point being able to sync files between an iPad and an iPhone or an iPad and an iPod or an iPhone and an iPod? Duh.

I suspect, by the time Apple figure this out, most users will have abandoned Apple’s iWork office apps and opted for Microsoft Office files because there are several fully working systems for keeping everything synchronised. That, for now, is my solution. Shame, because Apple do make some nice, clean software and Apps. Shame they speak 2 different languages.

Come on Apple. Stop being so obsessed with churning out newer versions of the iPad and start thinking about the user experience and convenience for users who work with files created with Apple software.

In other words; Catch up with what really matters!

April 14th 2012, Update: It looks like the feature many of us have been waiting for is around the corner. The “coming in a few months” corner, of course and “the corner that will cost us a few farthings” corner. It is called “Mountain Lion” – the latest OS for the Mac that is, basically iOS on the Mac. Aparently, everything will synchronise. Read about Mountain Lion on Apple’s website.