Google COULD Clean Up If They Wanted To

When ‘Panda’ was rolled out, word on the streets as that Google were ‘dropping’ spammy ‘networks’ (the link farm variety) – according to their blog (in February 2012 2012/02/search-quality-highlights-40-changes.html) which states

“we often re-architect or turn off parts of our scoring [the mystery algorithms] in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable”

whatever that is supposed to mean.

So, if they CAN clean their indexing system and dump some clutter (link farms, blogging to the bank type networks and networks built with the sole purpose of ‘Gaming Google’ by boosting ‘Page Rank’), then why don’t they do us all a favour and get rid of all the useless clutter – blogs about nappy training puppies and that have no real value, no particularly useful content?

Why not? Piles of dosh, wonga, greenbacks, loot! That’s why not.

Google COULD Clean Up If They Wanted To

For the same reason they choose not to remove “get rich quick” scammy sites or pornography sites (along with all the disgusting images that make it into Google image search)… They are big business.

They contain shed loads of adverts and that, to Google, is where the billions of dollars in revenue and stock market value is.

Any changes made by Google will help Google – to more dosh

Whether or not the changes actually help you and I is yet to be seen but, like Facebook and their never-ending changes that are supposed to be “in the user’s best interest” (cough), you can bet your bottom dollar it will keep the revenue flooding in.

How much more can they push businesses towards using Adwords rather than relying on natural search results?

How much can they make natural search unviable for most business websites?

Well, make it harder to rank, for one thing.

Make the algorithms more of a mystery to work with.

Make the paid listings and ‘places’ listings dominate the results so natural results are seldom seen is another way…

How well do WE really know the Google Panda?

Google know that if they really “let something out of the bag” there would be a zillion bloggists regurgitating the announcement within minutes.

Having spent many years reading Google’s (filtered) blogs and announcements, I have taken most of it with a pinch of salt. Google announce what they want spread around the web like wildfire because they know it will be shared, blogged about and reTweeted – A LOT.

You don’t think they REALLY tell us how Google works, do you?

Any SEO expert who tells you they have ‘insider knowledge’, unless they have a Google HQ swipe-card and a parking spot, is most likely fibbing (a bit).

Will Panda keep the ‘underground’ SEO crews at bay for a while? Unlikely.

Every time Google take one step forward (for Google or for user experience), the black-hatters (SEO dudes with attitude) are right there, up to speed, almost in real time.

No matter how many millions of forum posts, blog posts, tweets and retweets add to the never ending pile of clutter, Google aren’t revealing any secrets. You know that saying “what happens in Vegas…”? think “what happens at Google….”

If Google really wanted to make the web better, cleaner, more family friendly and an environment we felt okay about letting our kids loose on, they could.

But, unfortunately, there’s far less profit in that business model.

Lets see what the future holds for the panda but, I suspect, as I have always said, no matter how they sugar coat it, the only winner will be Google.

What promoted the timing of this post was the announcement on BBC News yesterday (April 13th 2012 – yes, Friday the 13th – oooo scary – Boo!) said Google’s profits were UP by as much as 60% for the first quarter of the year. Another alarming thing that came out in recent days is that Google are transferring their ‘shares’ into a different type of ‘share’ which means shareholders will have NO SAY in how Google is operated.

Clearly, Google DO NOT want outsiders having a vote or any influence about what they do.

Transparency? Google say: No thanks…


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    Google really has no transparency, especially when it comes to money is, (adsens) cheating on google smaller publisher, fast blocking adsense accounts and not paying off … without their own fault!

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    I have tested adsense on a few blogs over the years and what I have learnt didn’t sit well with me. It seems (and this was explained to me by someone who made a decent income from Adsense for a few years) that I should NOT write content worth reading if I wanted to get adsense clicks. Secondly, the numbers didn’t always add up. Very often I would see a big variation between the REAL “page views” recorded by my server statistics and numbers I saw on the Google stats (analytics / adsense).