Get Out Of My Face With Your Sales Pitch

Whenever Chris Brogan speaks, I listen. But when Chris is talking about better ways to be social and better ways to ‘market’ and ‘brand’ online I grab a new sheet of notepaper and sharpen my pencil…

In this interview, Chris talks about a variety of ‘changes’ in sales techniques and ways of drawing attention to what a company does rather than going in for the sale at the very first opportunity…

The timing of this, for me at least, is perfect because I’m currently working in a couple of extremely competitive industries (Double Glazing and Used Cars – yep – the dreaded double glazing sales dude and the used car salesman – quick run, hide) and I tell them time and time again that the web provides a great opportunity to be ‘out there’ consistently with a new message and provides the platforms to tell more and show more.

It gives the opportunity to open more doors and let more ‘prospects’ to the inner workings, the ‘behind the scenes’ of our operations using video and photos and blogs (not to mention the facebook, twitter) etc.,

A great example in the interview that Chris mentions is rather than trying to ‘sell’ on the phone, invite the ‘prospect’ to view a 2-minute video. Great tip!

In the case of double glazing, a video blog of installations, the manufacturing process, etc., have the potential to reach far more people than a telesales call… And, at the same time, be far more interesting and informational.


  1. Martin Koss says

    What you said (I know NOTHING of the process) is exactly the reason for companies to use videos (etc) to provide knowledge to potential customers.

    If you were in the market for new windows or doors I bet you’d have loads of questions and you would expect to find the answers online?

    The days of suppliers expecting an ‘unsure’ or confused ‘prospect’ to pick up the phone or just show up at the front door and ask are over… It is the supplier’s job (and an opportunity) to interact and provide an ‘open door’ to more than just their showrooms.