SEO is Not An After-Thought

SEO is part of Internet Marketing that is never “completed”. It is a competitive part of your marketing strategy that requires ongoing attention, tweaking, analysis, and regular ‘corrective action’ to fight off your rivals… But, when does SEO start?

Many, unfortunately, think SEO is something that can be sprinkled on top of a website once it is finished, for a small fee. However, the truth is that adding SEO when a website is already completed can be a harder job than applying it throughout the design and development of all the content.


  1. says

    i probably would not have assumed this had been excellent a handful of years in the past nevertheless it’s amusing the way time varies the manner of how you perceive all types of concepts, thanks regarding the write-up it’s pleasant to read some thing smart once in a while in lieu of the usual rubbish mascarading as a blog on the internet,im buzzing to play with a couple of myspace poker chips adios for now :)

  2. Martin Koss says

    Thank you for your in-depth comments. Pleased my post was not in the category of “the usual rubbish masquerading as a blog”… You never know what I’m going to ‘rant’ about next so hope you enjoy many future posts. Good luck with the poker chips.