What do you mean; You’re taking a break?

In Internet Marketing – you should always be involved in something. Sometimes it’s just waiting for the next interaction, sometimes it’s the interaction itself, but, there is always something to be doing.

Whether you are in the middle of a Twitter micro-blogging” dialogue exchange, or you’ve just left a comment on a friend’s Facebook wall and now you’re wondering and waiting to see what happens next – what will they say, where will the discussion go…

Or, perhaps you’ve just written a blog post, Tweeted it, linked to it from your online profiles and added a mention of it to your Facebook status update or wall (or both) and you’re waiting with anticipation for those first few comments - ready to follow them up. You are going to follow them up aren’t you?

Perhaps you just found a great blog written by someone else and you’re writing a comment on that – or Tweeting about it… Perhaps Tweeting a link to s new found favourite video from YouTube because you think your followers will find it interesting… oh yes, and you no doubt left a comment on YouTube for that video – you did didn’t you?

If you are serious abut Internet Marketing, about constantly providing quality and interesting content for your followers, fans and subscribers - in the aim of being seen as an authority on your chosen subject or industry and, as a consequence, continuously building your list of followers, fans, & subscribers;

You’re Always Involved in Something. And, if you’re not, why not?