Big Brother IS Watching

If George Orwell had written a book called 2025 he would, very likely have hit the nail on the head. Maybe even 2020 or 2015. The next few years are going to be VERY interesting indeed as Google and Facebook record more and more of every tiny step you and I take online.

I’m not going to go over old ground covered previously about being tracked by one or both of these mammoth platforms – whether we are logged in or not (you may be logged out but they got your IP number while you were logged in and that will do for now)… But I wanted to explain my Facebook Profile Picture.

Several people have kindly messaged me saying things like “cool” and “love it” and “bang on dude!” following the couple of versions of the my “Big Brother IS Watching” banner. To you, thank you!

Big Brother IS Watching!

PS: The white area is the bit where the standard Facebook Profile avatar square would be.
This banner had a few variations, this one was my 3rd attempt I think.