A Distorted Appraisal of Apple Factory Conditions?

Oh what a load of…! I was just reading about “The Fair Labor Association” inspections into Apple suppliers (factories mostly in China) over the human rights record. 

Having visited the factories, despite a history of mass worker suicides, at least one fatal explosion and (reported) “slave-like” conditions, FLA president Auret van Heerden (who made a lightning visit to some of Foxconn’s facilities) described the facilities as “first class”. 

Ah ha! At least we know who’s payroll Mr Van Hardon is on now, don’t we? 

We are talking aboutworking conditions that would get any western world factory shut down for umpteen violations for jeepas sake!

Here are a few news videos that have been aired in recent months.

Above: Apple Under Fire For Chinese Factory Conditions

Above: Apple & Foxconn: Who Made Your iPhone?

Above: Apple Worker Says She’s No Better Than A Slave

Above: The Truth of the Apple iPad Behind Foxconn’s Lies

Above: ABC News: Apple’s Chinese Factories Exclusive 

How can Mr Van Hardon say everything looks “first class” must be the most pathetic appraisal in the history of appraisals. But, I suppose, if he only stuck his head in the door for a brief moment and was greeted with a smile – maybe that was enough.

Yes, by the way. Yes, I use Apple products. I used to feel good about shelling out 6 times the price of a PC laptop on a MacBook pro. I used to look at my iPad as an awesome reliable gadget – but now? Nope. Now I look at Apple as just another capitalist corporation with one goal: To make as much profit as possible – more, in fact, than the other guy.

This, by the way, by the company that was led to world tech domination (and huge profits) by Steve Jobs, the very man for whom many Apple fanatics waved the “changed the world” banners when he passed away last year.