Capture, Save and Share Your Memorable Moments!

Remember when taking a photograph was quick, simple and relatively straightforward?

Not so many years ago the only decision you have to make was whether to take the picture or not. All we did was picked up the camera took a photograph and once the photograph was developed or saved we showed it to our friends and family occasionally.

That was it; nice and simple. Or was it simple? Surely it could be made quicker and easier?

Over the last few years has been loads of apps, software and online services to make taking photographs, editing and sharing so much easier and quicker.

Capture Your Memorable Moments Easy and Quick

Now the only decision you need to make is where you going to share the photograph.

  • Are you going to share it on Facebook?
  • Are you going to share it via Twitter?
  • Are you going to share it and save it on Flickr?
  • Are you going to Google plus it?
  • What about putting it on your blog?
  • Are you going to share it on Picassa?
  • Do you want to share it with instagram?
  • Is it going to be pinned on Pinterest?
  • Will you be sending it to your computer?

And then once you’ve made the quick decision about what you’re going to do with the photograph you then need to make sure the device you’re going to take the photograph with has the ability to share on the service you’ve chosen to share it on.

Taking a photograph with your iPhone just about enables all of the above but if you have an android phone and you take a photograph then some of the above are not available to you.

Oh, don’t forget you need to prepare for how you going to get the picture online depending on where you are. If you take the photograph with your camera how do you get the photograph from the camera to the Internet?

Can you transfer from your camera to your phone or your iPad or computer while you’re away from your home or office?

  • Have you got your card reader with you?
  • Maybe you could Bluetooth it? 
  • Or plug in your USB cable?

All sorted?

Good! Now, what was it you were going to take a photograph of? So much for spontaneity! 

Go on, take the picture, crop it, edit it, air brush out all the blemishes, then spend the next 20 min minutes faffing about sharing it, sending it, linking to it, blogging about it, pinning it, embedding it…

Quick and easy this photography malarky isn’t it thanks to all these wonderful tools and online services?

Go ahead, capture the moment. It’s quick and easy.