Easter is Good for Chocolate and Chocolate is Good for You

Oh how I laugh when I see and hear things that are blatantly obviously well timed (perfectly timed, in fact) mind-changing announcements via our favourite news channels with the intention of making the public believe what the market forces want the public to believe when they (the powers that be) want the people (folks like you and me) to believe what they want us to believe. Still with me? Good.

When better than Easter to remind us all that chocolate is good for us?

Easter is Good for Chocolate and Chocolate is Good for You

It is, after-all, a £4.2bn chocolatey time of the year! Part of a $60bn + global industry! Never a better time to convince us all that that melt in your mouth tasty stuff is good for us.

Easter eggs and the easter bunny are made of chocolate (okay, I’m not so sure about the bunny – I never caught one) and, so, if we think chocolate will make us all fat and unhealthy we’ll possibly (maybe) eat a bit less. But, if the news (that system that filters what good old you and me should and should not hear depending on geographic location, what time of the year it is and what Internet sites our network permits access to) has anything to do with it; now is the effect time to rush (tip: drive, it’s gotta be healthier than walking) out and buy more chocolate eggs – ‘cos it’s good for ya!

Coincidental ‘Breaking’ News that Chocolate is good for us?

It’s Easter and all the shops have millions of chocolate eggs in colourful foil wrap and boxes shaped like bunnies and chickens… What did come first, by the way; The chicken or the egg? Or was it Easter? And then the egg, and then the chicken?

The BBC are all over the news of chocolate sales going through the roof. The Guardian are milking the advertising click value of all the “chocolate is good for your” headlines. Same with the Telegraph website and the Daily Mail. Why not. This is awesome. Plus, we have to milk it for a week or two ‘cos soon we will be getting on the health food bandwagon and your sporty drinks adverts in time for the Olympics…

Oh yes, the Olympics – change the adverts guys we need healthy stuff now!

Let’s advertise sugar inducing chocolate bars, teeth rotting fizzy drinks, gut stretching beer, salty crisps (chips to my ‘over the pond’ friends) and burger joints – with a side order of salad (of course)… Well, they are the main sponsors of the greatest sports event on the planet, right?

Isn’t it grand that the great public will believe whatever the propaganda machines spew out..?

All in moderation folks – that’s what my wife reminds me. All in moderation.

A quick word for eco-warriors and tree-huggers:
Thinking about being ‘eco-friendly’ this Easter because you’ve heard about all that “Fair Trade” stuff. Research from the past couple of years show that “It is estimated that Fair Trade chocolate represents less than 1% of the world’s roughly $60 billion chocolate market.”

As recent as 2011 studies showed that “children as young as six are working 80-100 hours per week, forced to work with hazardous materials, fire, chemicals and knives – with no chance of education or time to play.”

Oh, sorry, did I shock you? You dropped a few chocolate crumbs on your lap…

Happy Easter.

And, if you ever do figure out the chicken, egg and easter thing, please let me know.

References: While researching (goofing off on Google) I found 4.5m blog posts and ‘news’ articles (most with an over-indulgence of Pay Per Click advertising) that had been published about chocolate on the past two days alone!

Yes, a staggering four and a half million snippets of regurgitated ‘news’ about chocolate in two days! Coincidence or could it be Easter?

Here’s my favourite one: Easter egg prices up, chocolate prices down!Despite falling world chocolate prices, supermarkets are doubling the prices on many popular Easter eggs!”

It goes on to explain: Tesco’s 200g Milk Chocolate Egg Hunt Bag doubled from £1 to £2. Nestle’s Retro Smarties Mug and Egg cost £4.99 in 2012 at Tesco but is now £7. Up a staggering 40%. Lindt’s 500g Gold Bunny at £15 in Tesco and Asda is 50% more than it was two years ago when it was priced at £9.99

I wonder if the cocoa farmers doubled their revenue?

And a few more links I found (not all from the past 2 days).

It’s official: Chocolate helps you lose weight! So stuff yourself with the good stuff this Easter  “Chocolate lovers rejoice! Easter no longer has to be a battle between indulgence and self-control. New research claims that eating more can help you keep slim!

Chocolate is good for you, declares study (well, sort of)Be it white, dark or milk, it’s better to eat chocolate than to avoid it, concludes large-scale health study. Just don’t overdo it!

It’s official: Chocolate is good for youChocolate reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack by increasing flow of blood around the brain and lowering blood pressure, study finds.

Is chocolate good for you? The pros and consA little of what you fancy does you good – especially if it’s chocolate.

Chocolate ‘as good for you as exercise’Scientists found that small amounts of dark chocolate may improve health in a similar way to exercise.

BBC Health: Chocolate ‘is good for you’Chocolate may be better for your health than tea because it contains more of a chemical that could prevent cancer and heart disease, researchers have said.

Easter hatches business success for chocolate makersDespite the tough economic climate, chocolate consumption levels have barely wavered – good news for Norfolk’s growing army of chocolatiers.

Oh, and that reference I made to the Olympics; you thought I was joking?
London 2012 Olympic Games – Worldwide Olympic Partners
Including: Coca-Cola (fizzy drinks), McDonalds (burgers), Cadbury (chocolate) and Heineken (beer).