Google+ Apps iOS Limited Edition

It was great to see that Google raced away with developing an Android App almost as soon as Google+ was launched. Great for those who got in there nice ‘n early to be able to do all their Google Plussing while out and about (I guess there’s some need for it), but what about Apple device users?

I downloaded the Android app and, while it does the job pretty well, it adds drainage to the already puffing and panting battery when running in the background alongside Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Calendar and all the other stuff that hooks up to the mobile web every hour!

With all these background Apps running, I think I manage about 24 hours of batter life as long as I don’t actually use the phone for anything essential like making a phone call!

Well, a week or so ago I heard there was an iPhone app and, since almost every app that is developed for the iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc) tend to be compatible with other devices, I looked forward to giving it a whirl on my iPad or maybe iPod Touch.

After all, an iPod Touch is basically an iPhone without the phone, and an iPad is basically a giant iPod, right?

The main difference, when it comes to apps, between an iPhone and and iPod Touch is that the iPod Touch can only use WiFi and not a mobile network. While almost every developer sees this as no more than a tinker of the app to make it work with either type of network, Google clearly couldn’t be bothered.

Google+ for iPhone is exactly that (at time of this writing). For iPhone only.

I guess Google are too busy working out ways of charging for their new services like their cloud hosting service and (as rumours would have it) the soon to be launched Google+ Pages for Businesses than to be bothered making their app available to all Apple device users.

Do you give two hoots about Google+? Don’t know about you but I could take it or leave it. Like many people have said; it’s just yet another time drain our time on to connect with people who we are probably already connected with on Facebook, Twitter or in real life.

What I do find interesting though, going back to ‘the app’ is the low volume of feedback AND the equal amount of positives and negatives.

The Facebook iOS app has 3,600 ratings (not all good either).

The Skype app has over 3,200 and fairs slightly better than the Facebook app.

Twitter app has a measly 1,000 ratings.

Does this suggest not a massive amount of people bother with all that social stuff on their pocket devices?

Google+ Apps iOS Limited Edition

The iPhone App for Google+ isn’t doing too well either (as you can see above). Almost a full third have rated it 1-Star (the minimum you can give an app in the app store) and only 1 third rate it 5 stars!

It makes me wonder why any developer would make an app that only a third of their users thought was ‘worthy’ but that seems to be the trend now. As long as we have an app who cares what the users think, right?

But the worst part is (not that I’m bothered in the slightest) is that Google have sliced and diced their target users by restricting the app to iPhone users only, at a time when all Apple’s current breed of devices are ‘universal’ (sharing an almost identical operating system)…

That reminds me, I need to feed the squirrels… NUTS!