How To Get Zero Customer Feedback

I was going to call this post “Whoever Wrote This is a Complete Moron” but I thought twice about it. Not that I had second thoughts about the writer of the following feedback request being a moron, though.

Clearly, while perhaps not quite qualifying for ‘moron’ status, whoever wrote it doesn’t know much about dealing with customers.

How To Get Zero Customer Feedback

If I am such a valued customer, why couldn’t you bother using my REAL NAME instead of my user name?

You want TWENTY MINUTES of my time? What’s in it for me?

  • £10 worth of free calls?
  • A free USB Skype phone device?
  • Anything?
  • 50 Free text messages to anywhere in the world?
  • What?

All this message talks about is what Skye wants. I’m already happy with the service so making it better isn’t going to affect me a great deal. I only use it a couple of times a week so it really isn’t a big deal if it gets better or stays the same.

Speak soon? What? The people at Skype!

What people? Speak? Skype people don’t speak. I’m sorry but ‘speaking’ these days is off-limits and the only speaking is via your forums and support systems, not by ‘people at Skype’.

Sorry. Rather than spend 20 minutes HELPING YOU, I’ll spend 5 minutes making myself a cup of coffee.



  1. Anonymous says

    LOL> That last marketing research guy who rang me during the work day got short shrift. I told him I work from home and I charge £120 per hour. Did he want to pay for the 20m of my time by Paypal or credit card?