PPC Advertising Out Of Control

When I saw the headline “86-Year-Old Gymnast Wows The Crowd” I thought to myself “Wow! How much advertising can you cram into a single webpage?

To amuse myself for a few minutes over a nice cup of coffee, I did a little bit of exploratory stuff (some call it research but I call it goofing off).

The exact headline I mentioned above has been used to attract web traffic no less than 2,050 times with that exact phrase.

All in the name of advertising!

PPC Ads - Website Advertising Out Of Control

Take a look at this image and count the adverts. Perhaps you won’t be able to count the adverts because I shrunk the page down in order to demonstrate how little of the actual page is the content.

36 Pay Per Click (PPC) Adverts on the page!

Holy crapamolies! Yep, I kinda said the same thing when I saw it.

It wasn’t only the sheer quantity of advertising that got my attention on this particular page, but one section of the advertising is masqueraded by a headline “Links we Like” and several of the other sections that contain pay per click advertising are designed to fool the reader into thinking they are additional (related) interesting headlines within the same website.

Now, I’ve got nothing against a little bit of pay per click advertising on a website or blog to fund somebody’s passion for writing, but this much?

Has advertising on websites gone absolutely beyond control and beyond all common-sense?