Stupid Advertising is for Jerks

Sorry, but I think this is so stupid it is beyond my ability to be nice about it. But, hopefully there is a lesson here for anyone who does a spot of online scamming erm, I mean marketing.

I see these adds all the time and I often wonder what the heck they are trying to sell. I mean, clearly they want to sell me something else they wouldn’t be using Facebook Pay Per Click ads to get my attention.

I’ve clicked their ads a couple of times and land on a page that tells me absolutely nothing about what they do or what it is they are selling. All they want is my email address – which they ain’t getting.

Here’s the deal. First there is the Facebook advert:

Stupid Advertising is for JerksWhich only gets my attention because I wonder if they have money to burn because anyone clicking it would be under the impression it leads to some video or maybe some info about using video for marketing. Maybe, in this case, it links to a case study about how this company helped a website called ‘’ or a video about that project… Nope. You’d be wrong, too.

Stupid Advertising is for Jerks

No video. No information about a video. No case study. Nothing. So what’s the point.

It must work. Either that or they have more money than sense.

How does the advert tie in with the website it goes to? Did I miss something? I haven’t a clue what AppSumo is or does but I keep seeing their ads on Facebook. Maybe it would be pertinent for them to provide an info page… Or am I being a bit too simple suggesting an ‘About’ page link might help them benefit from the $1 it cost them to get my attention?

But, I suppose, an advert that says “We want your email address. Click here and give it to us, please!” (which would be an honest advert) probably wouldn’t work very well…

FYI: You see all those brand names at the bottom? Well, they are there to build confidence… Wow, these guys have been mentioned on c|Net, TechCrunch, lifehacker, Reuters, Gigaom and The Washington Post… Okay, let’s have a look at the mentions…

  • c|Net / no link
  • TechCrunch / no link
  • lifehacker / no link
  • Reuters / no link
  • Gigaom and / no link
  • The Washington Post / no link

Okay, the confidence I may have had has been quashed… If the claims are genuine, why not provide links to the mentions?