What Are Your Children Doing Online?

Do you check what your children are reviewing online? Are they really playing games that are suitable for children? Are they engaging in dialogue that is unsuitable or even just observing dialogue that is completely unsuitable?

What Are Your Children Doing Online?

Are they participating in online games where other participants are using language you would prefer your children not to observe or participate in?

Are they watching videos on YouTube that are completely inappropriate? Or are they watching appropriate videos but, while doing so, exposing themselves to other videos that are inappropriate?

When they do a search on Google are they being exposed to content that is disgusting, even for adults?

Are they downloading things that will transfer viruses and other content to their computer?

Are they using Google images and, therefore, seeing inappropriate (pornographic) photographs that are labelled and tagged incorrectly?

When was the last time you observed your child while they used the Internet?

Have you checked your child’s browsing history lately and visited some of the websites, watched some of the videos, looked at the search results in some of their search history?

Do you observe what they say and view on Facebook?

Perhaps it’s time you did.