Pretentious People Do Not ‘ROCK’!

When something stresses you out it’s a good idea to stop using it or doing it, right?

That’s how I feel about Facebook very often; it’s also how I regularly feel about Twitter and most social networking platforms where people are not real – not being themselves – being pretentious and full of shit!

I love finding people who were totally genuine; people who speak their minds and come across as a real human being!

But what we find more than anything is pretentious crap! People saying what they want the reader to comment on rather than saying what they really want to say; what they really feel and believe.

I mean; how many times today did you see the phrase ‘You Rock’?

Facebook is probably the only place where one day you could have a total disagreement with somebody on a thread and the next day that person who you really don’t share much of an agreement with comes along and says “Hey dude – You Rock” or “Hey man, You’re The Best?”

Like, did you forget me? Did you forget that we don’t particularly like each other? Did you forget that we don’t particularly agree on anything? Did you forget that I don’t like your business we’re not friends?

Yesterday I was a thorn in your side! Commenting about something you said in a very disagreeable tone! And you disagreed with me – in no uncertain terms! But today ‘I am the best’ and ‘I rock’? Give me a break!

People are just not real!

The people who are genuine, real and come across as saying and being exactly as they would do in real life are the ones who, in my opinion are using social platforms in the right way.

If you’re one of these REAL people, congratulations and fantastic but if you’re one of those pretentious people; come on – get real.


  1. Corinne Bernat says

    People aren't real on Facebook and such. Agreed x infinity + one.
    Yes, people write on social networking thingys for applause and stroking. Pretentious is a word for it..there are just so many words for those that occupy themselves via “lookit me”¬†forums.
    So, no.
    I won't read you on those platforms.