Where Amazon Got Kindle Wrong (IMO)

As a huge Amazon fan I have applauded so much of what the e-commerce Goliath has done over the years and how easy, and accurate, their system seems to be.

How About Saying Something?

It’s so easy to click ‘Like’, to ‘ReTweet’, to ‘Share’, to ‘+1′ something you see on the web. Easy peasy to forward stuff on to anyone who may be interested – or not.

Stop, Think, Like, Check Facebook Page

Yeah – I know – Facebook has made us all become ‘Likers‘ (I know it’s not a word but that’s what we are now)… I, like you, perhaps, was a ‘Fan’ of oodles of businesses but now I just ‘Like’ them – enough said about that though ‘cos here’s a big whopper of a warning!

Are You Missing Your Facebook ‘Fans’

I know I already sang the praises of the ‘Universal “Like” Button‘ and I stick to that but when Facebook originally unveiled the latest changes I, like many, was asked the inevitable “what d’ya think” by loads of people. Okay maybe not ‘loads’ – my wife asked me.

Facebook Rolling Out More Changes – Like it or Not!

Change is good! Do we all agree? I hope so ‘cos that’s all I’m going to talk about here – changes! Facebook, by implementing the “universal ‘LIKE’ button” have, in many ways, done something cool. How often have you stared at a “please complete your personal profile” form and thought ‘oh gosh, what shall I […]

Without Roots You Have No Tree

Building your foundations. Sowing your seeds. Planting your roots. If you don’t do the ground work, forget to do the hard work that goes into preparing for the future – how can you expect to succeed in anything

Yesterdays News – Tomorrows Fish & Chip Wrapper

I’m sure most people who live or grew up in the UK will have heard the phrase “Yesterdays News is Tomorrows Fish & Chip Wrapper” and that applies to the web – what you publish today could be completely forgotten (or be out of sight) by tomorrow.

Isn’t Twitter A Funny Old Bird

Strange as people can be I was actually very surprised what happened this morning / over night on Twitter. I was unfollowed. Ooch Ouch. No big deal right. Well, actually, yeah – no big deal. But this was odd.

Oh Please – Another Sexy Twitter Avatar Scam

Why oh why do these scam-artists keep doing it? I am really starting to dislike (I mean hate) Twitter. Scam, BS, Con, Trick, Spam… Is that all there is to it?

It’s Only A Click – I Don’t Want What You’re Selling

So what if I clickety clicked on ‘Follow’ or I became a ‘Fan’ or even if I gave you my darn email address so I could get your RSS in my spam box every week – I’m not even slightly interested in whatever it is you’re selling.