Why I Pay Apple’s Premium Prices

“Your website doesn’t work on my computer!” ~ As a developer the sure way of keeping my eyes propped open at night staring into the abyss with CSS, HTML and PHP code whzzing through my grey matter is to inform me over dinner that “oh, by the way, your website crashes my browser!”

Why I Pay Apple's Premium Prices

Pic from "The Only Thing IE IS Good For? at http://techpp.com

Web Developer Checklist on Windows PCs

(after checking that it works on Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers…

  • Internet Explorer 6 pn Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 5 on Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7
  • Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP
  • Internet Explorer 9 on Windows Vista
  • Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7
  • Phone Grandma

Web Developer Checklist on Android tablets phones

  • Opera Mini on Android 2.0
  • Firefox mini on Android 2.0
  • Default browser on Android 2.0
  • Opera Mini on Android 2.1
  • Firefox mini on Android 2.1
  • Default browser on Android 2.1
  • Opera Mini on Android 2.2
  • Firefox mini on Android 2.2
  • Default browser on Android 2.2
  • Opera Mini on Android 2.3
  • Firefox mini on Android 2.3
  • Default browser on Android 2.3

Checklist on Apple devices

  • Check on a Mac
  • Check on an iPhone, iPad OR iPod

Enough said…


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