Isn’t Twitter A Funny Old Bird

Strange as people can be I was actually very surprised what happened this morning / over night on Twitter. I was unfollowed. Ooch Ouch. No big deal right. Well, actually, yeah – no big deal. But this was odd.

You see, I was trying to get opinions and any tips about using FCE (Final Cut Express 4.0) which is a borderline ‘Pro’ level video editing suite. It is actually pretty darn awesome. I’m honestly blown away by what it can do for the price.

Anyway – back on track. I do ‘follow’ a couple of people who’s main job entails photography (stills and video) and the follow is reciprocated – until now.

All I did was mention that I was watching tutorials. Was it something I said?

Working my way through Final Cut Express tutorials. Wow this is some powerful kit.

I Tweeted a couple of Tweets (Tweet a little Tweet for you) – anyway – I Tweeted (oh what a stupid bloomin’ word that is – we’re adults here not Twids) – about FCE. I got a couple of Tweets back from one of my ‘friends’ asking what FCE was etc., and replied to one or two

I’m seriously blown away. FCE is truly amazing at half the price of other apps I’ve used. What would you like to know?


But it’s no 5-minute learning curve.

then I left my computer til the morning.

Only to find I’d been dumped!

I honestly expected to have received a few Tweets with links to tutorials, links to YouTube vids showing how to do amazing things in FCE – maybe a tweet or two telling me to but something better for oodles more of my hard earned pennies – But to my surprise – nothink. Nada. Ziltchomundo!

She’s a funny old bird our Twitter

Now for anyone who provides training. Anyone who sells software, hardware, lighting, one-to-one tuition, this was a perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with me.

For anyone who writes a Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express 4.0 Blog (and I know there are many because I’ve visited most of them and some are extremely well written and informative) this was the perfect opportunity to strike up a dialogue with me. It was the perfect opportunity to help, to advise, to interact, to communicate - but to my surprise – the one person I know specializes in video editing dumped me.

Dumped me I tell you – Dumped me.

Strange. Odd. Peculiar.

Is that “being social”?