If any of the above ring a bell, you need exactly the sort of help I've been providing to businesses in the UK, the US and as far away as down-under (Australia) since 1995 (way back before Google or Facebook were even conceived).

If what you're doing isn't working, chances are I can tell you why. It's what I do.

Everything you were ever told about SEO (yes, that ugly phrase 'Search Engine Optimisation') is a load of bollocks and most of it always was!

If you are still buying into the SEO BS then you really are throwing money down the drain. 90% (plus) of it always was BS and the rest has been made obsolete in the past couple of years by massive changes in Search Engine Algorithms!
So, stop wasting your hard earned cash; Build a great website, use quality content, write it for the reader not the search engine, don't waste your brain cells coming up with keywords (they have been useless for some years)... You get the idea?

What the__?!? Oh, sorry, you expected to find my blog here? Oopsie - having a bit of a change around (the couch is now near the window and the TV is in the opposite corner - you'll get used to it - eventually).
Please excuse me while I create my new home page. Looking for my bloggy stuff? Here it is.